lingua romana
vol 8, issue 1, fall 2009

ISSN 1551-4730
editor: Scott Sprenger
special issue on Honoré de Balzac
Some of the articles were originally presented at the NCFS Conference in Salt Lake City.

Occulting Balzac's Catherine and the Nature of Novels
Allan Pasco

The Double Representation of the History of César Birotteau
Armine Kotin Mortimer

Balzac et l'imagination physiologique
Julia Przybos

An Ear for Evil: A Sociology of the Music Fiction of Balzac
Douglas Collins

Balzac's Archaeology of War
David F. Bell

The Living Death of the Past: Body Parts, Money, and
the Fetish in La Peau de chagrin
Dorothy Kelly

review article

Missed Opportunity for Misfits: A Review of the French translation of
Michael Lucey's Misfits of the Family (Ratés de la famille)
Éric Bordas