“Ethics in Marguerite de Navarre is not a topic that lines up neatly with Jean-Claude Carron’s interests, and I was neither a student nor a close acquaintance of his. However, my peripheral status actually testifies to Jean-Claude’s influence on the field, which went far beyond publications and supervised dissertations. In fact, Jean-Claude serves as one of the best examples I know of how warmth and conviviality among colleagues can stimulate thought, a fact to which the genesis of the present study can attest. […] I have only the fondest memories of Jean-Claude and of how humble and welcoming he was to an unestablished seiziémiste such as myself.”
Scott Francis, “Ethos, Habit, and Class in Marguerite de Navarre’s Heptaméron” (Lingua Romana 17.1, Spring 2023)