Vol. 15, Issue 1, Fall 2020

Women’s Voices of the Middle Ages & Renaissance
Editor: Bob Hudson

Notes from the Editor
Bob Hudson, Editor-in-Chief

Outreach/Public Humanities

Je Christine, by Suzanne Savoy: Bringing Christine de Pizan to the Public Sphere

Animating Christine de Pizan
Shelley Williams, Brigham Young University

Christine vs. The Machine
Suzanne Savoy, Independent Scholar/Actor

Je Christine.com (official website)

Je Christine, official trailer

Christine de Pizan: A Poet for the Ages–Podcast Interview w/ Suzanne Savoy
Chad Turner, Clearly Underrated

Suzanne Savoy at BYU album

Feature Articles

“Hail, daughter Genovefa!”: Imitatio Mariae in the Musée de Cluny’s 14th-Century Tableau Reliquary of St. Genevieve
Meredith Hanna Noorda, Brigham Young University

Saint or Sinner? Defining Women in Relation to the Satanic Serpent in Dürer’s Workshop
Lindsay Packham, Brigham Young University


Stylistique de l’obsession transmise dans Onitsha de Le Clézio
Clarisse Barbier, University of Kansas

Allegorizing Algerian History & French Colonization in Mokeddem’s L’Interdite
Greg Jackson, Utah Valley University


Review of Trevor Cribben Merrill’s Minor Indignities: A Novel
Bob Hudson, Brigham Young University

Review of Allan H. Pasco’s The Nineteenth-Century French Short Story: Masterpieces in Miniature
Corry Cropper, Brigham Young University